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The Bifurcation series consists of a plaster cast with a branch and 3 fingerprinted paperworks.
The printed works ‘Fingertraces‘ are made in dialogue with artist Mette Borup. The works are made using left and right hand simultaneously making inverted bifurcations. Focus has been on bodily performance and paired synchronic form making centered around the possible patterns created using the hands and fingers as printobjects.
The plaster cast titled “Kalhygge, altså hva’ fan råhygge?” (Clear-cut, do you mean having a really nice time?) made in collaboration with artist Nalini Printz plays with differences and similarities in the Danish and the Swedish language: linguistic connotations, word plays, entanglements and string of words leading into different bifurcations like the title. The Swedish ‘Kalhygge’ means clear-cut of an area from which every tree has been cut down and removed, but was in the conversation understood as ‘råhygge’ in Danish meaning an ultimate cosy time. Another example is the word ‘woodlouse’; ‘bænkebidder’ in Danish and ‘grasugge’ in Swedish, which through entanglements ended up being a ‘gråso’/’grey pig’ in Danish: ‘Bænkebidder – grasugge – gråso’.
The bifurcations works are made during the social exchange project Proces and Performance with a printed starting point between Danish and Swedish printmakers 
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