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Celestrial Territory

Try always, whenever you look at a form, to see the lines in it which have had power over its past fate, and will have power over its futurity. Those are its awful lines; see that you seize on those, whatever else you miss.” (Ruskin,1857)

The project is part of the show To Draw a Line, which focuses on the power of the fold and the line and the way things move in time and space. How lines at one hand separate and outline and at the other create movement as a ground for territorial performances, diversity and metamorphoses between things.

Based on my interest in how natural processes and the forces of nature can work as metamorphic and potential components in new climatic infrastructures this project Celestrial Territory is thought as a vertical ‘borderland’ of hanging sensorial sculptures; things which ‘drips’, touches and make marks symbolically and actual marked as lines at the floor with different intensity making visible the fact that the weight and form of a material in interaction with the medium it acts in define the way the gravital force manifests itself that is the way the visual trace is made.

In the center of this material exploration is kelp, which as a macro algae opposite the plant is without roots, in relation to other materialities like yarn, clay, soil and plaster. The idea is inspired by the Cosmic Garden by Emanuele Coccia, where the atmosphere and its circulation of gasses and liquids create the center of the planet, not the earth.

The sensorial sculptures act together with a ceiling painting of kelp with compositorial reference to the classical, symmetrical decorated ceilings, where the motives reflect in one another og together create a spatial picture; a celestial body that is sensous not only visually but also bodily.
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