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Vertical Horizons

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The performance Vertical Horizon translates the idea about an empathic landscape aesthetic to a physical earthbound action by being in things, while they emerge. The romantic view on nature as something sublime to be viewed on a distance characterized by the horizon line is challenged by a suprematic approach uniting the horisontal and vertical through cuts in a folded black lace fabric, which then is unfolded as a geometrical crystallizations on the floor. By entering the open texture of the material very slowly powedering black pigment into the pattern making an invisible trace, the action creates an ephemeral imprint, which emerge on the floor as a physical statement, when the fabric is moved away. By letting the motive grow and unfold through geometrical crystallizations in the perforated blond fabric, the performance tries to capture and visualize temporal and textural qualities beyond the classical frame and the linear perspective.
The performance took place at Danske Grafikeres Hus, Copenhagen, DK. 30.10.2018 as part of the social exchange project Proces and Performance with a printed starting point between Danish and Swedish printmakers.
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