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The Fortuneteller Crystal project is inspired by fortune tellers: the classical geometrically folded paper word play, in Danish called Flip Flap.

The foldings and unfoldings create new suprematic perspectives expanding the traditionel function of the play format.

In some of the works the spectator is invited to participate in an associative and intuitive word play creating string of words collaborative based on the Swedish word FIKA (a kind of coffee/cakes break often more about socialising than drinking coffee) and the Danish word HYGGE (a quality of cosiness; feeling warm, comfortable, and safe). Both words are very important in understanding the culture of the countries.

The Flip Flap works are created as part of the social exchange project Proces and Performance with a printed starting point between Danish and Swedish printmakers.

Other works expand the format into pure sculptural paperworks playing with the geometrical structure through foldings and undfoldings creating new suprematic perspectives beyond the traditional format integrating the surrounding space.
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