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Anne Louise Blicher, Danish visual artist. Based in Copenhagen, DK.
On Instagram: alblicher



      • Master in Design, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Copenhagen, DK (2017- 2018) (1. part 30 ETCS)
      • Postgraduate project studies, specialized in printmaking, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, SE (2014-15)
      • Diploma classical painting, Florence Academy of Art, Gothenburg, SE and Florence, IT (2008 -11)
      • Filmstudies at UCPH, DK. + course in film editing by director Sami Saif, at The Short & Documentary Filmschool K&DF, The Danish Filmstudio, Lyngby, DK (2019)




      • Danish Printmakers, Danske Grafikeres Hus, Copenhagen, DK (solo)
      • Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen, DK
      • KP20, Kunsthal Aarhus, DK
      • Collection Mini Print Cantabria, La Mer et les Phares à Bordeaux, Cervantes Institute, Bordeaux, FR (May – July, 2021)


      • The Knot Collective,  Galerie Ménil’8, Paris, FR
      • Legacies, Thinking of Place III, Impact 11, Hong Kong
      • Old School, Danske Grafikeres Hus, Copenhagen, DK
      • Det er ganske vist, Fyns Grafiske Værksted, Dronninglund Kunstcenter, DK


      • To Draw A Line, se! Exhibition and Project Space, Århus, DK
      • The Kelp Congress curated by Hilde Methi, Neal Cahoon, Karolin Tampere, and Torill Østby Haaland, LIAF – Lofoten International Art Festival, Lofoten, NO
      • Kunstscenen Is Closing, Kunstscenen, Copenhagen, DK
      • International Mini Print Cantabria, Faro Cabo Mayor Art Center, ES
      • Summerworks – Anne Louise Blicher & Patte Loper / Moa Alskog & Xin Son / Wilfred Wagner & Paul John / Anne Mette Schultz & Alex Gingrow, EFA studios  New York City, US
      • Fugl, Johannes Larsen Museet, Kerteminde, DK
      • From Mark Rothko Art Center, Fyns Grafiske Værksted, Odense, DK
      • Klimakunst 2019, Rebildcentret, DK
      • Spazi Aperti, Accademia di Romania, Rome, IT
      • Over the Bridge, Grafik i Väst,  Gothenburg, SE
      • Portrait Now! 2019, The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle, DK and Ljungberg Museum, Ljungberg, SE
      • The Knot Collective, Raum für drastische Massnahmen, Berlin, DE
      • Fyns Grafiske Værksted, Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, LV
      • Performance and Proces with a graphical starting point, Grafiska Sällskapet, SE


      • Frozen Hawaii, Toldboden, Kerteminde, DK (solo)
      • Natural Connections, Nybro Gallery, Copenhagen, DK (solo)
      • New Landscapes, Kulturloftet, Stevns, DK (solo)
      • Performance and Proces with a graphical starting point, Danske Grafikeres Hus, DK
      • Velvet Ropes, Nevven Gallery, Göteborg, SE/initiated by 0-0 LA fine art gallery, Los Angeles, US
      • Velvet Ropes, Galleri Golsa, Oslo, NO/initiated by 0-0 LA fine art gallery, Los Angeles, US
      • Neon Camouflage, Impact Encuentro, Printmaking Conference, Santander, ES
      • Mennesker i Grafikken, Fyns Grafiske Værksted, Odense, DK
      • Svart Färg, Den Grafiska Gerillan, Galleri Ateljé Ur, Malmö, SE
      • Discoveries, Gallery Heike Arndt Kettinge, DK/
      • Fresh Legs, Galleri Heike Arndt, Berlin, DE
      • 17 INTERBIFEP, International Biennial Festival of Portrait, Tuzla Culture Center, Tuzla, BA
      • 9th International Printmaking Biennial of Duoro 2018, Duoro, PT
      • Luftlinie, Ahrenshoop Art Museum, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, DE
      • The Nybro Collective, Annaborg, Hillerød, DK


      • The Animal Glow, Atelier Circulaire, Centre d’arts imprimés, Montréal, Québec, CA (solo)
      • Glow Romance, The Cobra Room, Sophienholm, Lyngby, DK (solo)
      • 3rd Global Print Biennial, PT
      • The Black School, Kastrupgård Samlingen, DK


      • Uncover, Fanø Artmuseum, Fanø, DK (solo)
      • Elevator Music 3 curated by Dahlia Elsayed, Gallery Aferro, Newark, New Jersey, US
      • Graduate exhibition, BKF – Danish Visual Artists, Copenhagen, DK
      • The Black School, Brandts, DK
      • Djuren with Helmtrud Nyström, Katinka Andersson and Mattias Bäcklin, Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen, Örebro, SE


      • 4th International Latgale Graphic Symposium, Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, LV
      • Addition, Grafiska Sällskapet, Stockholm, SE
      • The 7:th International Lithographic Symposium, Litografiska Akademin, Tidaholm, SE
      • Camac Art Center, Marnay sur Seine, FR
      • Portrait Now! 2015, The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle, Frederiksborg, DK and Ljungberg Museum, Ljungberg, SE

2011 – 2014

      • Berlin-Klondyke, touring exhibition curated by Irmelin og Rheinald Nohal: WIENSOWSKI & HARBORD, Berlin, DE, Hipphalle, Gmunden, A, Werkshau, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, DE, Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein, Pfaffenhofen, DE, Art Center Los Angeles (ACLA), Los Angeles, USA, Odd Gallery, Dawson, CDN
      • Portrait Now! 2013, The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle, Frederiksborg, DK and The Ljungberg Museum, Ljungberg, SE
      • Landscape in Painting, Antanas Moncys House Museum, Palanga and A. Žmuidzinavicius creations and collections museum, Kaunas, LT
      • Dhiraj Choudhury and guests, Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata, IND
      • International Art, Nandalal Bose Gallery, The Rabindranath Tagore Centre, The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Kolkata, IND
      • Brewer J.C. Jacobsen’s Portrait Award, The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle, Frederiksborg, DK



      • Hjørring Grafiske Værksted, Hjørring, DK (2021)
      • The Danish Institute, Rome, IT (2020)
      • The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in collaboration with Bikuben Foundation New York and Art Hub Copenhagen, NY, US (2019)
      • The Danish Institute, Rome, IT (2019)
      • Künstlerhaus Lucas, Ahrenshoop, DE (2019)
      • Green Olives Art, Tétouan, MA (2018)
      • Atelier Circulaire, Montreal, Quebec, CA (2017)
      • Atelier Bo Halbirk, Paris, FR (2017)
      • Danish Art Workshops, Copenhagen, DK (2016)
      • Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, New York, US (2016)
      • Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, LV (2015)
      • Camac Art Center, Marnay sur Seine, FR (2015)
      • The Danish Institute, Athens, GR (2012)
      • School of Visual Art (SOVA), Dawson, CDN (2011)
      • Art Meeting, West Bengal Federation of United Nations Associations (WEBFUNA) & Indian Council for Cultural Relation (ICCR, Kolkata IND (2011)
      • Palangos Dailė, the Artists’ House of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, LT (2011)



      • Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond (2021)
      • Danish Arts Foundation traveling grant (2019)
      • KKV Grafik Malmö traveling grant (2019)
      • The Danish Institute Rome (2019)
      • William & Hugo Evers Fond (2010, 2012, 2019)
      • The Danish Arts Foundation (2018)
      • Beckett Fonden (2016, 2017)
      • Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse (2016)
      • Knud Højgaards Fond (2008, 2016)
      • Glashandler Johan Franz Ronges Fond (2009, 2016)
      • Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansen Fond (2016)
      • Georg Harms Fond (2011, 2014)
      • Den Ingwersenske Fond (2009, 2011, 2014)
      • Fondet for Dansk Svensk Samarbejde (2014)
      • Unesco-Aschberg Bursary, Changdong Art Studio, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, ROK (2012)
      • Richard Wilstrup og Franciska, født Jensens Legat afd. A (2009)
      • De Bielkeske Legater (2008)
      • Nordea Fonden (2008)



      • Can a Garden Function as a System of Thoughts?Representation of the City: Imagining and Reimagining Cityscape, NSU winter Symposium, the Latvian Centre for Performance Art, Riga, LV, (February, 2020)
      • Art in Rural Communities – CCCA Workshop No. 4, Møn, DK, (August, 2019)
      • Presentation: Graphic Anthropology – an imaginary documentation tool, Site, Material, and Medium in Socially Engaged Art – CCCA Workshop No. 3, Århus, DK, (March, 2019)
      • ICA 2019 Belgrade: 21st International Congress of Aesthetics. Paper: An Empathic Aesthetics of the soil. The Design of No-thing. Published in the 21. International Congress of Aesthetics 2019’s Congress Proceedings book. (July, 2019)
      • Planner and runner of the project Performance and Proces with a graphical starting point in collaboration with Åse Eg. The project consisted of a seminar, collective drawing exercises, and a printmaking workshop with 12 printmakers from the Danish and the Swedish printmaking organizations with following exhibitions at Danske Grafikeres Hus, DK and Grafiska Sällskapet, SE (2018-19).
      • Vertical Horizon, Performance at Danske Grafikeres Hus, Copenhagen, DK (October 30, 2018)
      • Appearances of the Political, NSU Winter Symposium, University of Copenhagen, DK (February, 2018)



      • Art teacher at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, DK // (2018-)
      • Art teacher at ARKEN, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ishøj, DK // (2014-)
      • Art teacher at Thorvaldsen’s Museum, Copenhagen, DK // (2013-)
      • Developed teaching material in relation to the touring exhibition Earthly Connections. Danish Painting 1780 – 1920 and Landscapes of the Anthropocene based on a cooperation between the Danish museums Faaborg Museum, Fulgsang Museum, Ribe Museum, and Hirschsprung (2018 – 2019 ).
      • Initiated a workshop about portraits in art in relation to the exhibition Keeping up Appearances. Portraits and Emotions in the Golden Age for Hirschsprung (2018)
      • Assistent/studio manager to artist Kirstine Roepstorff // (2011 – 2013, 2015 – 2017).
      • Assistant to sculptor Bjørn Nørgaard // (2011)



      • BKF (Danish visual artists)
      • KRO (The Swedish Artist’s National Organization)
      • Danish Printmakers
      • Grafiska Sällskapet (The Swedish Printmakers’ Association)
      • KKS (The Danish Women´s Artist association)
      • CCCA (the international research network: Collaboration and Community-Building in Contemporary Art)
      • NSU (Nordic Summer University) – a nomadic academic institution for research and interdisciplinary studies that organises workshop-seminars across disciplinary and national borders. Part of the study circle: Appearances of the Political