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Bewinged Martial Explorer

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This triptych of self portraits is related to the work Explorer Number 1, a self portrait staged at the last protected natural landscapes in Copenhagen – Amager Fælled, as part of the Natural Fashion/Frozen Hawaii project inspired by indigenous rituals and their relation to nature in particular those of the Suri tribe from South-western Ethiopia known for their natural elaborate headwear and body decorations using natural pigments as red ochre, green copper ore, white kaolin and powdered limestone.
The work reflects upon the concept of exploration in todays society, where the untouched wilderness is long gone. Through af bodily winged armoring, a suprematic armor, and a piece of chopped wood the project plays with our relation to our surroundings; our attempt to be present in a disassociated nature. What is exploration? How to be with nature? What is natural? As an explorer you traditionally claim, conquer and posses. As a tourist you ‘sight-see’. Is there another way to relate to our surroundings without such distance? To inhabit and dwell?
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